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Circus Loop


  • HAND Loop - 12 inch
  • FOOT Loop - 15 inch
  • NECK Loop - 18 inch
  • TENSION HAND Loop - 18 inch


A circus loop is an incredible piece of equipment for any aerial performer and can be used in so many different ways. We love the soft and flexible neoprene cover  on this circus loop. Because of this. they will sit flat on your wrist for added stability and will not cut into your skin the way webbing loops do. Much more comfortable than rounded cotton covered loops, and have less of a tendency to roll or slide when in use.

We now have four options available:

  • HAND Loop – 12 inch (Total length) with a 9 inch usable neoprene covered loop. Big enough for any hand and most smaller feet.
  • TENSION HAND Loop – 18 inch (Total length) with 9 inch usable neoprene covered loop. Perfect for cinching onto poles, lyra, rope, web or other apparatus.
  • FOOT Loop – 15 inch (Total length) with a 12 inch usable neoprene covered loop. Great length for any foot hand with easy entry and exit.
  • NECK Loop – 18 inch (Total length) with a 15 inch usable neoprene covered loop. Ideal for neck hangs.

Each of our circus loop come with black cinch straps for added security. Also all loops are sewn with industrial strength nylon tubular webbing and have a break strength over 6,800lbs.

There is a separate 2 inch connection point at the top for carabiners, or shackles.

These circus loops work great on your Aerial Pole or Hoop.

Custom lengths and attachments are available for our circus loops – please email us at orders@aerialessentials.com for a quote.


12"H x 2"W x 2"D


nylon tubular webbing, neoprene cover

Strength Rating

6800 lbs (30KN)



Circus Loop Style

HAND Loop – 12 inch, FOOT Loop – 15 inch, NECK Loop – 18 inch, TENSION HAND Loop – 18 inch

  • Anonymous

    These are excellent hand loops. Very very comfortable. I prefer them over the cotton grips I used to use. These have a neoprene cover which feels great against the skin. They are also flat and don’t roll up my wrist like the cotton ones do. I also like that the loop is sewn into the end for easy clipping into the lyra (or any apparatus).

  • Anonymous

    I started using these handloops for my web and lyra acts and have completely fallen in love with them. I used to use the common loops made by CBE, and they are still great – but honestly, these loops are MUCH Better. They are more comfortable, more secure, and I Love that they are flat and not round. If you haven’t tried them yet – get a set today. They have really allowed me to take my aerial game to a new level! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    These neck loops are really really comfy. They are a great size, but I do find that when I wear large headpieces I can’t use these neck loops. They are made for aerialists without head pieces. But most aerialists won’t have any problem with that. I just worked with a very traditional circus and have had a couple times where the costumes were difficult.
    But seriously, overall they are Fantastic.

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