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Rigging Rope


This is 11mm Static Kernmantle Rigging Rope. Perfect fit for our aerial pulleys and ready to support any aerial artist during the show. This rope is rated for over 7300lbs (33.3 kN).

  • 50 ft
  • 100 ft
  • 200 ft


Aerial rigging can be hard enough dealing with just the apparatus and connectors before you realize there is a whole wide world of Rope out there to research as well! But don’t worry, we have been rigging with various rope sizes, shapes and materials for over nearly two decades and have figured out exactly what is best for any aerial setup.  We are now proud to offer this 11mm, Black, Static Kernmantle Rigging Rope.  It is a perfect fit for our aerial pulleys and it is ready to support any aerial artist during the show.

This rope is thick enough not to burn your hands or cause instant blisters the way thinner ropes will. And it is thin and light enough to not take up your entire rigging bag with unnecessary bulk.

Strength rating over 7,300lbs (33.3 kN).
Material: Polyester / Nylon Core Weight per meter: 90 g/m.
Elongation: 2.2% at 1.35kn (300lbs) – 4.4% at 2.7kn (600 lbs) – 7.4% at 4.4kn (1000lbs).

Certified to UL Life Safety Rope specifications, NFPA 1983:2012 Edition Standards and ANSI Standards for Life Safety Static Rope with an internal ribbon through out the entire rope.


50 ft, 100 ft, 200 ft

  • Anonymous

    Excellent product. Very sturdy easy to grip rope. Works excellent with the pulleys. Doesn’t kink. Wraps well. High quality product

  • Anonymous

    I just got my rope through Aerial Essentials and it is excellent. The perfect size for their pulleys and for good grip while pulling lines on a rig. Doesn’t stretch and is super strong. Good with knots and easy to wrap. I’m very happy with it. THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    I set up a whole pulley system in my studio and this rigging rope is awesome. Very strong and it doesn’t kink or tankle the way our old rope did. It feels very strong, and is easy to tie knots in.
    The pulleys run great with this rope and its very easy to tie off at the bottom too. Really nice kit.

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