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Stainless Steel Shackle


Stainless Steel Construction
Perfect for Triloading

  • Screw Pin Shackle
  • Snagless Shackle


Stainless Steel Screw Pin Shackle. 3/8″ with a breaking strength over  16,000 lb. and a working load set at 1 ton.
These shackles are easy to use, reliable, and extremely Strong.
If you are setting a more permanent rigging that does not need to be constantly opened and closed like a carabiner, we recommend using shackles.
We offer two distinct types of shackle, the screw pin shackle and the snagless shackle. The screw pin shackle should be “moused off” with a zip tie and the snagless shackle should be used with a locking product such as Loctite.
The Snagless shackle is ideal for connecting a lyra to a lyra rope or spanset as it has no protruding parts!
Stainless Steel, Screw Pin Shackles will decrease the amount of height lost when rigging with carabiners as they are only 3″ tall, rather than the standard 5″ of a carabiner.
These shackles are 3/8″ thick and carry a breaking strength over 16,000 lb. and a working load set at 1ton. Shackles are easy to use, reliable, and extremely Strong.

–  Type 304 Stainless Steel
–  Screw pin anchor
–  Meets Federal specification RR-C-271D, Type IVA, Class 2
–  3/8″ steel shackle
–  MBS 2000 lbs


2 1/2" H 2 1/2" W x 1" D

Shackle Option

Screw Pin Shackle, Snagless Shackle


Stainless Steel

Strength Rating

16,965 lbs

  • Anonymous

    I use these shackles when i know i don’t need to take the point down. They aren’t as convenient as carabiners,but they take up less vertical height and Iove using them in my studio.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Shackles. I used to pay over $19 for solid shackles at the marine supply near my studio so that we could get nice stainless steel shackles instead of the ugly forged steel ones you find in hardware stores – but once we found this site, we get all our shackles here! What a great price for a really fantastic product!

  • Anonymous

    Solid shackles that do just what they are supposed to do. Also, I know it’s a little thing. But you know how ugly the galvanized steel shackles are (if you do any kind of rigging you do…) well these ones are really clean and pretty stainless steel. So much nicer. Just like the pictures you see. I totally prefer these just based on looks alone!

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