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About Aerial Essentials

At Aerial Essentials, we aim to promote radical artistic expression through safe and accessible aerial arts!
In 2005, Aerial Essentials was created with one simple goal; to provide safe and affordable equipment to aerialists around the world.
Over the years we have expanded to become the first brick and mortar aerial shop in the United States and the most reliable name in the aerial industry.
Today we serve large scale productions, traveling circuses, aerial studios, and thousands of individual aerialists from countries all over the globe.
Our equipment has hung in Dubai from the top of the tallest building in the world, as well as door frames and backyard setups all around the world.
Our company was founded on our love of aerial arts, and that is exactly what keeps us going today.
Remember, the sky is no longer the limit. It’s time to Rig Right & Fly Well!