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Hammock Hitch


MBS 3,000 lbs
Sold individually.

We recommend TWO hammock hitches for each hammock you are setting up.


Hammock Hitches allow you to easily rig your aerial hammocks without complicated and confusing knots in your fabric. Although we still prefer using Hammock Rings for performance based hammock rigging, these Hammock Hitches are extraordinarily easy to use when setting up aerial yoga hammocks.

These hitches are exceptionally strong and have a strength rating over 3000lbs.

They are durable, easy to use, and allow for easy height adjustment of your hammock as well.

These are sold individually.
Please purchase TWO hammock Hitches for each hammock you are setting up.

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased a set of these to experiment. I like how easy it is to change the location of the hitch for tighter or looser hammock use. I was happy to see they are rated for 3000lbs. Hammock hitches require 3′ to 4′ less of fabric since it is not tied up in the knots. Though I like the look of my original O Rings and Carabiners, these are practical for studio use where the hammock gets stretch due to use of the weight of the user.

    Thank you for carrying these!

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