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Hardened Steel – Black Anodized Finish
One Handed, Two phase, Autolocking Operation
All Over 5,000 lbs Strength Rating

  • High Strength Steel Auto Lock XL Gate
  • Steel Auto Lock D
  • Steel Auto Lock Oval


These steel carabiners are exceptionally strong, and an aerialists best friend. Unlike many other companies, we provide a modified D shaped carabiner with larger gate openings to fit a wider variety of apparatus and to make rigging much easier–and we also provide an oval auto lock as well!

Easy to use, and extremely safe. These carabiners will last for years with proper care and always keep you safe with every flight.
These carabiners are made from high-Strength alloy steel with a wide gate to accommodate any apparatus we sell. They are rated for 25kN and are exceptionally robust and durable.



Strength Rating

22 – 50 Kn


approx. 4.5"L x 2.5"W

Carabiner Options

High Strength Steel Auto Lock XL Gate, Steel Auto Lock D, Steel Auto Lock Oval

  • Anonymous

    I am an aerial studio owner, and we use the Autolocking Black carabiners for all our points. We couldn’t be happier. They are Strong, safe, and Very easy to use. Nobody forgets to lock their carabiners, nobody needs to be taught how to use them – they just Work! Thats what you need when you run a studio! Thank You Aerial Essentials for having such great products.
    I also use the oval shaped screw gate carabiners for my lyra so that they spin easier. I just hope they start offering oval autolocks too! That would be GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    I use autolock carabiners and they are great. i can even open and close with one hand while hanging my fabric. it’s takes a little bit of practice but they are easy when you get the hang of them.

  • Anonymous

    I always use the Autolocking steel carabiners from aerial Essentials for Everything in my studio and every performance in our touring company. They are the best, most versatile, easiest carabiners I have every purchased (and believe me, I’ve used a LOT in 18 years of aerial performance). I am a firm believer in Aerial Essentials and the products they offer. Thank you very much for being such a reputable resource for aerialists around the world.

  • Anonymous

    BEST CARABINERS FOR AERIAL! Easy with one hand if you have small hands. Only 2.5" width and just twist and push. I purchased my first set of aerial hardware and silks last fall. Love the silks/color and the weight of the rescue 8 and the auto locking steel carabiner. I have VERY small hands, however, and it took me some practice to be able to open the carabiner with one hand. I looked everywhere recently for something smaller and couldn’t find one that was easy to use with one hand, so I purchased two more recently from Aerial Essentials knowing that at least I could operate them – but not realizing they had changed their design and they are WAY BETTER even than the first one I got last year. I’m learning that this company is really being forward thinking and working on providing solutions more geared towards aerialists (instead of relying on gear designed and made for rock climbing)… They are also a class act in every other way.

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