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Beam Clamp


Maximum Flange Width 9.25inches
2Ton WLL
**Our D and XL carabiners will fit these beam clamps, but our oval carabiners do not fit**


Our Beam Clamps are reliable and rugged, made of an all steel construction and ready for all aerial rigging.

  • WLL 2Tons
  • Light-Weight, Reliable and Super-Rugged.
  • All Steel Construction
  • Fits securely on beams with up to 9.25″ flange widths, with a built-in suspension bar that facilitates close mounting.
  • Clamp-Jaw Design reduces flange stress by distributing the load away from the flange edge.
  • For Permanent or Temporary Mounting.

**Our D shaped carabiners (or XL Carabiners) will fit these beam clamps. However, our OVAL autolocks Do Not.**

  • Anonymous

    Been rigging for a while and have seen many different versions of beam clamps and rigging for Ibeams – I would have to recommend these particular pieces and say they are very reliable, well made, and a fair price. Perfect solution for almost all Ibeam rigging.

  • Anonymous

    SO Easy To Use! We had been planning on drilling through 1 inch steel beam and do this whole series of complicated rig setups – and then we found out about these wonderful clamps! Completely changed our studio’s possibilities. Thank you so much. I love that they are easily moved, removed, and re-hung. So simple and straightforward. Excellent product

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