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Aerial Pulley


  • Double Pulley
  • Single Pulley


These extremely high strength pulleys can hold up to a 15mm rope and are great for raising/lowering equipment and apparatus. These pulleys are also ideal for spotting belts.

They have a very long lasting a durable blue powder coating covering their aircraft aluminum alloy body.

Rounded edges prevent rope friction and wear while the swivel-open side plates allow for extremely easy use and setup. The large attachment holes allow for multiple carabiners as well. They also feature self lubricating bushings for smooth action regardless of surroundings.


After rigging a double pulley system properly, you can easily raise and lower aerialists by hand to create dynamic flying acts.

With a correct double pulley system you can lift 4 times as much weight with the same amount of work.

These pulleys feature: Rounded edges preventing rope friction and wear, swivel-open side plates allowing extremely easy use and setup, large attachment holes for multiple carabiners, enclosed stainless steel bearings for greater durability, and independent wheels for multiple pulley systems.

Pulley Type

Double Pulley, Single Pulley


Aircraft Aluminum


3.25"H x 2.5"D x 6"W



Strength Rating

7800lbs (35KN)

Rope Compatability


  • Anonymous

    THe pulleys work very well in our space. It took us a while to get them all lined up so the ropes are in line and not rubbing on the edges, but once we did- they are super smooth. I think it would be easier if we put each swivel on it’s own swivel so they could change angle with the rope- but that is way too expensive for us.
    We made me work and these are great pulleys,

  • Anonymous

    I got this pulley and had to ask for the correct size of the rope. And they told me 10-15mm static climbing rope. And I find 12mm static climbing rope at the hiking store and it fits perfect.
    Now I use this pulley all the time. And I like it very much.

  • Anonymous

    Just what I needed. I prefer fiddle block pulleys, but these have worked fine so far. I’m actually very pleased.
    I’ll update this after a couple months of using them.

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