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Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
Three Anodized colors
10,000 lbs

Sold Individually

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver


Using an Aerial-8 is truly essential for rigging aerial fabric. These extremely strong pieces of hardware prolong the life of your fabric, and allow for much easier, safer rigging.

We do not recommend rigging your aerial fabric without one.

An Aerial-8 is the most important piece of hardware for rigging aerial fabric. It increases the weight distribution and prolongs the life of your fabric, as well as creating a natural separation in your fabric legs.

Made from aircraft aluminum this piece is not only exceptionally strong, but lightweight as well. Rated for over 10,000lbs (45kN) and weighs less than 10oz. The extra long ‘ears’ keep your knots clean and your fabric from tearing.

Aerial-8 is Highly Recommended for all Aerial Silk Artists.

  • High strength aircraft aluminum body
  • 6.8″ x 6.7″
  • 9oz
  • 45kN major axis (10000 lbs)
  • Large ‘ears’ to control fabric
  • Anodized finish for brilliant and durable colors

Aircraft Aluminum

Aerial 8 Option

Black, Red, Silver

Strength Rating

over 10,000 lbs (45kn)



  • Anonymous

    I just got my silver Aerial-8 in Steel. It is a Great piece of hardware. Solid! I’m very happy with it.
    It is heavy, but I’m very very pleased with it. The big ears on these models are useful when rigging the fabric. It makes it much easier.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY a reliable steel rescue-8! I’ve been looking all over for one. I know most people don’t care about alum vs steel – but my preferance is steel and I love this R8!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely Love these. I used to use a big fat fabric bell which weighed SO much and was so bulky compared to this. I completeyl replaced all my old hardware and will never go back. Thanks!

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